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Joe Barone

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" It‘s rare that you come across a standout business coach like Joe.   I have had the pleasure of working with Joe as my Business Coach for several months.   Joe used a few tools to get a feel for my personality and risk appetite but also took time to talk with me and really understand my personal situation before making any recommendations.   While I did my research on the recommendations Joe met with me regularly to assist with any of my questions and concerns. Joe has a lot of good business insights and he is not afraid to share them with you.   As a Business Coach, Joe earns my highest recommendation.  Joe, thank you again for you help, your insight, and especially your time.   My family and I are grateful."

Paul Megge
Fish Window Cleaning
Detroit Metro Area


"Joe is a professional and truly cares about what he does. As I have recently found myself looking for answers in how to grow my business and look at franchise opportunities, Joe has offered powerful insight and helped me see my position from various perspectives. I would highly recommend working with Joe Barone if you are seeking to embark in a life changing entrepreneurial event."

Thomas Safrin - Regarding Joe Barone
CEO / Lead Security Consultant
Quantum International Consulting Solutions
Savannah, Georgia


 "Joe has been invaluable in my search to find the right business opportunity. He is very good at listening to my desires and needs and then giving me choices. He has also been a great encouragement throughout the process. This is my first franchising endeavor, and Joe has been a fantastic educator as well as guide into the many different decisions needed. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is looking for a new chapter in their life, and would like to find something that is interesting, challenging and of course lucrative. "


Jay Jordan - Regarding Joe Barone






 "Joe was extremely helpful as I looked to diversity my entrepreneurial income and add another franchise to my business portfolio. He brought forth multiple options for consideration, and all took into account not only my income goals but my lifestyle goals as well. Throughout the process, he encouraged me to keep my goals top of mind and what I wanted to achieve within various time-frames. He encouraged me to complete all of the due diligence, kept up to date on my progress, and told me to not ignore my gut. When I got stuck on two amazing options, he kept pointing me back to my goals and encouraged me to make a list of pros and cons and really be thoughtful about what was most important to me. He also reminded me that neither option was likely to completely go away (although what was available with either could certainly change), and since I'm already used to being involved in multiple businesses,  I didn't have to say "no" forever to either one. Ultimately, I made what I felt was the right decision for me at the time -- and I believe that Joe brought me such good options, I will likely revisit them again at some point in the future. Joe was a terrific coach in every sense of the word. I highly recommend him to anyone investigating a new business. In fact, I already have!"

Michelle Shriver  
  MAK Investments – Regarding Joe Barone


"I can’t say enough good things about Joe Barone and the knowledge that he brings to the overwhelming process of finding a franchise. I met him quite by accident and the experience has literally changed my life as there’s no question that I wouldn’t have had the opportunities that were offered to me  without him. Ultimately, he helped me pick the best one for me and I couldn’t be happier. His years of experience in all aspects of franchising were an invaluable asset as I went through the franchise selection process. You simply won’t find any better in terms of a franchise coach than Joe Barone. I have actually already recommended Joe to multiple people friends and colleagues and would highly recommend him again to anyone looking for this type of opportunity. Joe is top notch all the way and definitely gets an A+ from me."

Jamie Poff
  Enviro-Master Connecticut – Regarding Joe Barone



 "Joe and I worked together over a three month period. Discussions on my goals, interests and experiences led Joe to propose 5 franchise opportunities for my evaluation. Joe helped me through the due diligence process to narrow the options and come to a decision. Always encouraging and the voice of reason, Joe was a pleasure to work with."

Sharon Lewis
  AdviCoach – Regarding Joe Barone



"Joe is fantastic! I had the pleasure of consulting with him over the course of several sessions regarding franchising of my home-care business. Joe, is extremely well-versed in the various aspects of franchising. Joe, possesses the skills, experience, resources and the character and integrity essential to helping his clients make this important life decision.

  I recommend without hesitation to anyone considering the purchase or development to a franchise system." 

Edwin Hayden
  Owner, No Place Like Homecare – Regarding Joe Barone



 "Joe was a great coach. When we first met, I had no idea of what kind of business I was interested in purchasing. Joe brought me great ideas and did not waste my time. The one I settled on was not even on my radar. His weekly coaching calls keep me focused and greatly enhanced the process of reaching my goal.His knowledge of purchasing a franchise is fantastic and insightful.

I would highly recommend him to anyone and have to my brother and friends."


Alan Bilskie
  Franchisee, Patrice and Associates – Regarding Joe Barone


 "I had the pleasure of working with Joe over the past three months. His role as a "coach" couldn’t be more fitting. His methods and overall
understanding of the corporate work environment (where I came from) was excellent. He’s a great listener and uses all the tools afforded to him to great effect. My franchise due diligence & evaluation spanned 3 different opportunities and though my direction took me down a different path, Joe was supportive throughout. Joe’s a pleasure to work with and someone I would highly recommend."

John Foley – Regarding Joe Barone



Thank you so much for making the experience of purchasing a franchise enjoyable. I could not have asked for a better person to help me along the way. Without your guidance I would not have found what I believe is the PERFECT franchise for me. All the questions I had you answered with a genuine interest in seeing me succeed. You even answered the questions that I was not asking which reinforced that you were not just going through the motions.

  At a time when I became overwhelmed, you helped analyze the process and when it came down to decision time you again knew how to make sense of the whole thing. I can honestly say I could not have done this without you.

David Tabb
 Franchisee, WelcomeMat Services – Regarding Joe Barone